Christmas Menu

Vegetarian Banquet – £28 per person

Miang Kam – Do it yourself little parcels of spring green leaves with

chillies, lime, nuts and a most delicious sweet sticky sauce


Choose one of the following
Corn fritters with sweet chilli sauce
Lightly covered deep fried aubergines with Sriracha chilli sauce
A delicate, mild soup with coconut milk, baby corn, galingal and lemon grass
Main Course
Mild yellow coconut curry with pumpkin and white radish
Crispy bean curd with hot Thai basil, garlic, spring onions and chillies
Both are served with a side of Thai style crispy tempura vegetables with sweet chilli sauce, stir fried beansprouts and bean curd and garlic in soy sauce, and steamed Jasmine Rice

Banana fritters with homemade ice creams
A selection of sorbets with fresh fruit salad
Tea or Coffee with chocolates