The Thai-Welsh Connection The first in Wales.

The Thai House Restaurant was established in Cardiff in 1985 by Noi Ramasut from Bangkok and his Welsh wife Arlene Thomas. They were very much pioneers at a time when were only five Thai restaurants in the whole of London. Now, with over fifteen hundred Thai restaurants throughout the U.K.,Thai food has proved itself to be one of Britain’s most popular cuisines with The Thai House continuing to set the trend and the standard. This year The Thai House was awarded ‘Restaurant of the Year for Wales and the Marches ‘by the Les Routiers Food Guide. Food plays a central role in Thai life and culture. There are different dishes for every occasion and each region boasts its own specialities. The Thai House offers a wide range of authentic dishes to reflect the diversity of Thai cuisine. A typical well-balanced Thai meal consists of at least one meat dish, a fish dish, a curry and vegetables which are always eaten with rice. The Thai House ensures the highest standards by importing fresh herbs, spices and vegetables every week and blending these with locally supplied, fine quality Welsh ingredients. Eating Thai style means sharing. All the dishes of the main course are served together with diners helping themselves to small portions from the serving dish so that there is enough for everyone to taste and return for more. The Thai fragrant rice, which accompanies all dishes, is kept separate on the plate and combined with each portion of food as it is tried. In this way, all the different flavours and aromas can be savoured individually. Thai food is rarely served piping hot as it does not depend on heat for taste or appearance. It should be a relaxed, communal meal which everyone enjoys at leisure. Award winning menu. Our a la carte menu contains many established favourites, together with a number of exciting new dishes introduced in this edition of the menu. Our recommended menus have been especially designed to help newcomers and party groups achieve that balance of tastes and textures which make eating Thai food such an experience. Ready to help. The Thai House staff are at hand to tell you about the different dishes or assist you in any way they can. Our aim is to provide friendly, unobtrusive service which makes you feel at home. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy The Thai House experience and join the many others who return to visit us time and time again. It will be our pleasure to welcome you back.

Diolch am ymweld a’r Ty Thai | Edrychwn ymlaen eich croesawu’n ol