Lunch Menu

The Thai House


Autumn/Winter Menu 2018


 1 Course £8.50     2 Courses £ 13.50       3 Courses £ 16.00




Prawn or mushroom Dom yam A Piquant clear soup with king prawns or mushroom, lemon grass, coriander and chillies. (H)


Fish medallions with sweet chilli dip


Thai House satay Slivers of grilled marinated chicken with our own special peanut sauce and cucumber dip.


Aubergine fritters with a spicy dip




Pineapple fried rice with prawns


Rich southern style chicken curry with peanuts and potatoes served with Thai fragrant rice


A mild yellow pumpkin curry made with coconut and fresh green beans served with Thai fragrant rice


Stir fried chicken or tofu (V) with cashew nuts with roasted chillies served with Thai fragrant rice


Roast duck noodle soup with bean sprouts and spring greens


Pad See Eew  Pan fried ribbon noodles with pork or tofu (V) with greens in oyster sauce or soy sauce




Pineapple Treat Home-made pineapple ice cream with little pineapple fritters.


A duo homemade ice cream Ginger and lemongrass ice cream